Are you registered?

Yes! Let Them Eat Cake operates from a kitchen registered with the Selwyn District Council. We operate with the utmost cleanliness & care.

How do I transport my cake?

Place your cake box on the passanger floor in the front seat. This is the safest place for your cake. In summer/spring months, turn aircon on cold before picking up cake to ensure it is transported in a cool environment. If travelling for a long distance, place the cake box on top of a towel or piece of non slip mat to keep the box still.

When do I need to pay for my order?

Online store orders are paid via credit/debit card instantly. To confirm a custom booking, a 50% deposit is required + the itemised cost of any florals or cake toppers being ordered. The balance of your order must then be paid at least 7 days prior to your pick up/delivery date. Please see our terms and conditions page re refunds & cancellation policies.

Can I supply my own alcohol bottles to put on my cake?

Yes! By law, Let Them Eat Cake can not purchase ANY alcohol as decorations for a cake as we do not hold a liquor license. You can provide alcohol decor that you have purchased yourself, however Let Them Eat Cake will request confirmation of this in writing via email.

Do you wholesale?

We would love to chat with anyone interested in wholesaling Let Them Eat Cake sweet treats! Please get in touch.